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Vann Dizon

Evoking memories, stirring inspiration, lifting spirits, manifesting connection… Such is the power of music. 


Those with the ability to harness this power, owe it to the world to share it, and it’s an opportunity that I feel privileged to embrace. 


But my journey to music wasn’t such an expected one. Growing up in provincial Philippines, life was humble. Mine was a childhood spent flying kites, catching spiders, and doing backflips from the back of water buffaloes. 


At age eight, I got on one of the planes I used to watch from the barbed airport fence line, and travelled to New Zealand. A place full of opportunity, yet so much unfamiliarity. 


Any kid who has ever felt out of place knows the desire to find connection. For me, that would - eventually - come through music. It was through following my other love, sport, that I met a friend at university who introduced me to the guitar. After many a gin and juice, we would jam through the night, my friend playing guitar, me riffing lyrics. 


Music had broken the barrier, and songwriting had ignited a sense of meaning. I saw that the lyrics I wrote that meant so much to me, moved something in others, too.


From then on, my wish has been to contribute music to the world that celebrates friendship, accompanies road trips, and inspires those small yet significant moments in life that remind us to live in the present.


I believe the beauty of music lies in its polarising impacts. My songs unite crowds, yet also inspire moments of solitary inward reflection. They help someone escape to a place outside of their own thoughts, or help someone else focus on the beauty in front of them. They evoke memories, or they are a part of making new ones. They accompany life’s highs, or offer a space to reflect on its lows.


With honesty and vulnerability, I write from the heart. In doing so, my songs are a reflection of the optimism and determined energy that have accompanied me through my journey in search of connection, and are inspired by all those whose path I have crossed.


For too long dubbed ‘the secret musician’, I’m honoured to see my words now finding their rightful place in the hearts of others who seek a sense of connection, too.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you come from, how you treat people transforms the present moment and the rituals you create with the people you love is the definition of a meaningful life. I want to write songs because it makes me feel alive and the greatest job in the world is to help others, and if I can do that by telling a story with music then I have fulfilled a life worth dying for.”


~ Vann Dizon

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